Will we know each other in heaven,will we know our loved ones in heaven scripture

Many people want to know the loved ones whom they have spent many years of their life with. This is a question many of us have thought of but we don’t know the answer to this. Many spiritual leaders and scholars have given answer to this question but we do not know whether it is true or not. Most of us even don’t know what heaven is; we can only think of but have never seen it. We have thoughts of heaven. Even some people say that heaven is there on earth only; where there is happiness, prosperity and love, heaven exists there.

We have compiled the mixture of answers given by all the knowledgeable souls. Most of the people want to meet their relatives and friends when they go to heaven. Even the only reason many people have for going to heaven is only meet their loved ones. They think that in eternity they will have a lot of time to see, meet and know their family members and loved ones. The reunion that will happen with our loved ones is more likely to go with measuring the grace of god in our lives. Rather than meeting our loved ones, we will be engaged more in worshipping of God and wondering over wonders of heaven. The god’s mighty work and his love will we what we will wonder of in the heaven than being engaged in meeting our loved ones. Nothing will look us more close to us than God and his wonders. We will love doing that more because we will rejoice more when we will worship and praise God in the company of other believers some of which will be our companions from earth.

All in all, we will know our loved ones in the heaven but heaven is all about the Lord than us. We will be so keenly dipped in the Lord’s thoughts that nothing will seem more engaging than being filled with his love. Another answer to this question is that we will meet our loved ones in heaven only if we live our lives in a way that God wants us to live. Many times we become selfish, egoistic, we hurt others, and maybe we won’t go in heaven and meet our loved ones. Whenever you meet someone or get a job to be done, either it is a blessing or a punishment, if you find it good to have someone or like the task then it is a blessing for you and if you dislike the person or the job is giving you problems it is most likely to be a punishment for you for your previous deeds. Whatever you do decides your future. So accept everything whatever God makes you face, this way only you can go to heaven and meet your loved ones. God loves all his people but he cannot fit everyone in heaven, only the people who deserve, who have humanity will go there, satan are there for making balance on earth but they will not have the eternal bliss ever. Those who love God and love his humans will be treated the most fair way ever and they will meet their loved ones in heaven.