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What to wear on a First Date

Every kid that turns into an adult wonders what to wear on the first date they are going to. There are diverse cultures on earth, each of which have different outfits and dresses; that is why a single outfit cannot be finalized for all; universally as a first date dress; although there are certain guidelines which one can follow while choosing an outfit for the first date.

The dress that you wear must appeal to you. If you feel that you are looking wonderful in a particular dress, go for it and don’t give it a second thought; although you can have an opinion from a friend about the dress.

Choose the color of your dress according to your complexion; don’t end up in becoming a cartoon, choose an appropriate color of dress. Yes, the color should be different so that you look different and smart but there is a boundary to that, don’t end up looking weird. For instance, if you are of dark complexion, don’t wear too bright colors like parrot green etc.

Wear a comfortable dress on a first date. If you are not wearing a comfortable dress, you will feel awkward during the whole time sitting with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Comfortable and attractive are the keywords to an awesome dress.

Also keep in mind the favorite color of your partner, try to wear that dress if it suites your complexion; and it will probably make you notice in your partner’s eyes. But if it doesn’t match your complexion, don’t wear as you may probably end up looking clumsy.

Don’t wear too old clothes, completely check the outfit before wearing, let there be no chance of you becoming a laugh in front of anyone.

Take comments from your friends, colleagues or family about the dress after wearing; ask them about how you are looking without hesitation.

If you are a man don’t choose girly colors, look decent. If you are a female, wear what you think will look beautiful on you.

If you don’t have any decent dress, go for a new one. Go with your friend who knows what suits on you or you can probably go yourself , ask about opinion of salesman ; but remember take opinion of everyone but do what you think is best for you; don’t tend to wear the opinion of others, that probably will let you end up in misery .

Wear your dresses by taking the season into consideration. Don’t wear less clothes if your date is during winter and don’t wear too much of them if you are meeting your partner is summers. Wear dresses which are not according to season will make you uncomfortable.

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Also take into consideration you age number while choosing a dress for yourself. Don’t try to look younger by wearing clothes of teenagers unless you are so damn lucky that you look like a teenager, wear what persons of your age wear and look decent. Wearing funky torn jeans in your fifties during a date will make you look like a fool rather than a cool hunk.

Guys normally wear jacket so that they can offer it to their partner in case she feels cold; but remember don’t try to be this sort of hero in summer season.

The footwear should match your dress; for example, if you are wearing formal suit, don’t dare to wear sports shoes. You got to wear sports shoes with jeans. For ladies, you can wear heels or shoes, whatever matches most to your dress.

Don’t repeat same dress that you have worn earlier in front of your partner unless your partner so damn likes you in that dress.