What do you girls think that guys like more about you, about your appearance? So today loveyourlover is going to undercover a part of men’s world and will let you know about what really turns men when they see attractive women like you.

So what do you think that guys like more in beautiful and attractive women like you?

We asked some questions and found some strange and few obvious answers about what guys found most attractive about girls. Have a look 😛 .

Guys Like in a Girl’s Appearance, Girls Appearance, Guys like,

Hope these preferences may reflect what guys or men notice in cute and naughty girls or sexy women all the time.

So what you girls think about this result?

Does the given result reflect your preference, or you think these guys are crazy or something is wrong in their head? But this is the result and we just have to live with that. But there may be some cases in which these result may go wrong.

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But guys nose and ears too, seriously? We have just introduced that for our fun and now we are confused???? Perhaps some of them can love ears but nose!!!
I think someone (excluding us) may have better sense of humour when it comes to figure out what guys like more attractive about you girls.

So men love breasts, booty (butt) and sexy legs more as compare to other and all are very close too infect we can say clear winner.

But we can’t say anything no one really knows what men find attractive in women. Or girls or women are just so cute that guys/men find everything attractive in girls/women.