Dating is a complex and sensitive thing to understand and deal. Your dress sense, your meeting spot, the way you speak, the topic you choose to talk, the timing of your call, payment of your bills etc. Likewise, every small thing would matter a lot, and so you might be puzzled about different things before you go for a date or while you are in it or maybe even after that. To drag you out from such confusion, here we came up with some of the best Top Ten Dating Tips For Men and Guys for a romantic and wonderful date.

1. The first impression is the best impression:

You may be fond of your ripped jeans but think once more about the first impression on you that your girl will have, Is that what all you want. Ofcourse, you aren’t supposed to fake yourself, but generally, girls like to find their boys taking pride in their appearance. Relax, we don’t mean to suggest full formal suit but a simple shower, shave, use of some good aftershave and putting on something that fits your body structure and a decent perfume would definitely give her a good impression on you. Now, don’t forget to be on time at your meeting-spot to make it a good start off.

2. The Place of date:

Plan it to some romantic place but now just don’t ask her to decide the place to be a gentleman, as it might also mean that you are just transferring your responsibilities. Usually, women like to find men to take control of things, but also you shouldn’t act dominating. Considering her tastes and preferences, suggest a familiar place which could help you to be comfortable, then take her consent and finally decide on one. Try not to opt for Night pubs to avoid any distractions caused when you often bump into your mates.

3. The Confidence matters:

Confidence is one of the things which girls would consider in selecting their boyfriend. Shy guys have to practice speaking to strangers, beforehand. Also, while you are on the date choose a topic or a hobby that you are passionate at so that she could sense your confidence out of it. You need not be 6ft with 6pack, but you should be happy and comfortable in your body and skin that’s what would be more attractive.

4. Avoid being talkative:

It’s not prescribed to be talkative all the times. Concise your words and thoughts and straightly deliver what you want to say to avoid her getting bored with your conversation. This would give you chances to share your stories further in the future. Don’t give long pauses, be interactive, ask any date questions. Do listen to her carefully as it depicts your interest in her.

5. Make simple and fun conversations:

Let the conversation be amusing and entertaining. For the first few days, don’t make any serious discussion related to jobs, future planning or any issues you are facing. Girls prefer those who can make them laugh and keep them happy. ofcourse you have to be serious at times but not in the early days. Let it go smooth.

6. No ‘ex’ discussions:

It’s dangerous for your relationship to have a conversation about ‘ex’. Never start any discussion about their ‘ex’ as it could give rise to some awkward feelings in both of you ruining your date. If she raises the topic, then answer in short and straight. Make her feel confident about you and express that instead you wish to use the time in knowing her.

7. switch off your mobile:

Your smartphone can create many distractions, and it would be irritating for either of you when you are in a mood to spend some good time together. Better switch it off or turn on airplane mode rather than silent or vibration mode as it could still distract you. Moreover, you will be admired when she notices that.

8. Take the opportunity to pay

Things have been transformed nowadays and women think that they will pay for their share. Request her to consider it as your treat on your first day of the date, which is a gentleman quality. But, don’t force her, if she still wants to pay, advise her to spend on the next bill.

9. Follow up:

When you feel not to have a second date, don’t give statements that you would call her later, because you are not going to do it. If you do such things, you might hurt her and end up in guilty. If you wish to meet her again, do express that you had a great time together. If you don’t contact for a long time, she might perceive that you haven’t enjoyed the date. The earlier you express, the better it would be.

10. Feedback

Dating isn’t something taught anywhere, take the initiative, get into it and find how it is. To improve your art of dating, consider sharing your last date with any of your close female friends. Explain what happened on your last date, the place you went, the topics you discussed, activities did etc. finally ask for her feedback and tip to improve your experience. Ofcourse different people would have different opinions, but you can still consider doing it.

Now that you know several top dating tips for men and guys for the best experience in dating, line up your next date and implement these tips and enjoy your date.