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Gifts for her

Giving gift to your women or girlfriend is a good thing. Giving gift to your women or girlfriend show how romantic you are. But selecting gift for your girl friend is little bit confusing some of the times. Men or guys most of the times get confused wile selecting the gift for their women and girlfriend. Giving gifts to one another rejuvenates the relationship and ends the boring scenario created in the relation. So here is the list of gifts that you can give to your girlfriend or women without getting confused. I am damn sure your love will like at least on e of them gifts listed here; and its up to you to make a decent choice for the love of your life. Giving gifts makes your better half appreciate that you still love him or her and most importantly the time you took apart from your schedule to make her feel happy is the most important thing that matters ; most likely your partner will realise if you have a nice gift for them as listed here. And these gifts will also help you to get direct entry in their heart and you may also get yourself praised by their words at the end of the day. So, enjoy reading the choices you have to give gifts to your lady .

  1. A Romantic hand written poem

On a special day like your marriage anniversary, valentine day, her birthday etc you can give her a romantic poem which suits her or you can write few romantic lines for her, to shows your affection and love. This is the best possible way to touch her heart, it is one of the most earlier ways to make your lady feel special. Most important, it won’t cost you a dime.

  1. A Soft toy (Mostly gifted Teddy Bear)

Every women or a girl loves soft toy.  This is a perfect gift to give it to your girlfriend. You can give your women a teddy bear holding a red rose in the hand, younger girls love these stuff. Give teddy bear as surprise gift with a romantic card can also be another option.

  1. A Romantic Vacation

Romantic vacations means not like a lazy afternoon beach or going to hilly and cold areas such as a mountain but you got to take her on a special day to some romantic destination like lovers point where only you and her are present and can share the most important moments of your life.

  1. A Fresh Cake but heart in shape.

I know that you might be not a good cook, but you must try to make a best heart shape cake for her. You girlfriend or lady will definitely love you for your efforts. Remember her favourite flavour while making cake; don’t end up making a cake that she doesn’t like which will be nothing more than a disaster to you. At last. If you think that you are a real bad cook, buy a really nice cake for her .

  1. A Night Stay outside home; can be star hotel or a resort.

This is the best and the great way to spend special day with her by taking her to some nice and luxurious place like star hotel or a restaurant. This is a best plan if you have no time to spend a vacation. You can spend and enjoy the night together by making it a sweet and a memorable day. Give some small gifts to her on that night such as a pendant or order a champagne if she likes to drink. Or ask her by making her assume a situation like the situation you would give to her and ask her what would she like as a gift and then make that scenario happen; this will make you look like a damn romantic person in her eyes.

  1. Body Paint

Give your women a gift of Edible body paint. Must remember the flavour of body paint which she likes. This is only the one gift that you are going to enjoy too!!!

  1. A Cocktail Dress

If your choice is good, means if she like your choice then choose a beautiful and good looking dress for her, and take her out for a date or for a romantic night and if you are a rich guy , surprise her with small gifts, believe me it will really make her day.

  1. A Cell Phone which is trending.

Most of the women and girls like small and little phones. It is just like you enjoy them, seeing using it by a women. So go and take her to a mobile store and get her buy her favourite phone. And you can also surprise her by giving a new cell; but for that you need to be too good in choices that you make, you need to be sure that she likes your gift.

  1. Most loveable gift for a women Jewellery Box.

If you can afford jewellery the go on purchase a couple of jewellery items and buy a jewellery box and give her a gift. Make sure that your jewellery box must have a romantic tune while opening it. If you can’t afford jewellery then you can gift her set of artificial jewellery with jewellery box. This is the best gift you can give to your lady if you are a guy with money. Most of the ladies love the jewellery and believe me it makes them think that you love them.

  1. A Room Filled with Heart Shaped Balloons

It is the cheap, best, romantic and beautiful gift for your women that she will never forget in her entire life.  Get hundreds of heart shaped balloons and fill her room full of them and also purchase some flowers and a bunch of red rose to give her on her special day which will enhance her excitement. Make sure you stand with bunch of red roses on the door while she enters the room and propose her like it’s the first day you met her.

These were some of gift ideas for her. Hope you like our article, don’t forget to leave valuable your comments and suggestion’s below.