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how to talk to girl

Boys have always wondered about the ways to the query: How to talk to girls? Well there are simple rules which guys should follow to talk to girls. Unless you are too shy and introvert, these rules will help you talk to girls.

First of all, let’s understand why all the guys find it so hard to talk to girls. One reason is that guys worry too much about the potential date’s initial option. Another reason might be fear of rejection in the minds of boys. Boys have poor or no understanding of body language which becomes another hurdle in their way of talking to girls.

Moreover, men always find them in a state of dilemma whenever they are going to ask a women out as they are the once who have to face either one of the scenarios which is either a yes or no. This provides another person the influence and power in the situation. Luckily, there are ways with which you can start a conversation without opening yourself for evaluation. These techniques let you approach women without hesitation and are likely to be more persuasive than approaching directly.

  1. Instead of putting yourself up directly in front of other person, you can ask the other person about a favour. For example, you can ask them to “Could you grab me a napkin!” or something else like that. This will make an impression about you in other person’s mind.
  2. Don’t look like shit, look decent and presentable if you want to talk to girls, believe me it works.
  3. Don’t show off, it doesn’t impress a girl ever, be who you are when you talk to girls. An intelligent girl would be attracted to your genuine qualities rather than show off. If she is not, then she is not the right type.
  4. We are trying to earn girl’s interest by showing off which does not work .So a guy should ask a question rather than showing off , this will give the girl a feeling that you are trying to learn about other person rather than just showing off. Don’t just praise a girl on whatever she says, be skeptical, and say what you think.
  5. Make statements about the other persons moves, you can express your opinion about things you talk with other person. For example, “I love the drinks here.” If the other person is interested, she will continue the conversation and elaborate more on the statement you are saying.
  6. Open up a good topic for conversation. Try with different topics and continue with the topic which the girl finds interesting. You could also question a girl about her interests and have a conversation about that.
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  7. Try to learn from the conversation the type of personality a girl has. Don’t be judgemental, if you have any question ask the girl about it. Every girl is different, don’t stereotype the girls. If a girl talks much, you should let her speak and if she hesitates ask her and if she likes to reply continue to have a conversation in the same way and indulge her in the interesting topics.
  8. Compliment the girl after you have talked to her for a little while. You can also joke to make her laugh. Make her comfortable with whatever you can do, this will interest the girl.
  9. Ask light questions, don’t ask too personal questions which she might not be willing to answer on a first date. Be genuine in the conversation.
  10. Talk genuinely, don’t show off and she will come to know automatically why you are special. Don’t pretend to be one which you are not. You should take leave from the conversation at a right time. One, if she is interested, take leave at the peak of the conversation, so that she is anxious to talk to you next time. Another case is when she is not answering positively to you means she is just passing the time in a difficult way. In this way, you can let her know that she liked talking to you. Talk about when you will talk to her again. Always take an exit gracefully.

Hope this tips will work for you guy’s. Don’t forget to share and leave your comment below.