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How to impress a girl

Guys all around the world have always wondered as to what could be the ways to impress a girl. And here are we guys with the course which includes the most logical tactics, ways and methods which will guide you in impressing the girl you like.


  1. Dress well to impress her.

Not only you will look good, you will also be appreciated and your attitude towards dressing will be positive and your girl is likely to be impressed by this. Pay attention to what she wears and dress in a similar fashion.

  1. You should be polite enough to get a place in her heart.

Don’t be too loud in conversations. Don’t always try to win arguments; don’t let your ego overpower you. Talk logically and literally. Women like intelligent men. Rude men are generally disliked by women.

  1. Think before you speak, don’t talk bullshit.

When you speak in front of girl you like, speak confidently and logically. Don’t try to prove irrelevant arguments. Women like men who say measured words and do what they say. The men whose words and actions are same are best liked by women as in this world, mostly; actions and words are different.

  1. Compliment her sincerely.

Compliment only what you mean literally to the girl you like. Like if she is looking pretty tell her that you look pretty or what part of her body you like. Don’t mess up things by complimenting dialogues of the fifties. You can compliment about the qualities in the girl that you like the most. Don’t act like a cheap flirt in front of the girl .

  1. Try to make her feel special.

You can impress your girl by making her feel special, care about her small things , look for what she needs, be there when she is in problem. Do things that she likes. Give her presents to make her feel special. Give surprises to her.

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  1. Pick interesting topics to converse with her.

Have communication with your girl and choose interesting topics which she likes and be an expert in those topics. In this way, she will always be eager to talk to you. Whenever she will have any problem, she will come to you to know the answers. She will have an intelligent image of you in her mind.

  1. Make her tell about herself.

When she wants to tell about herself, let her tell and also ask her about herself whenever she hesitates to tell something; make her feel comfortable in telling things about herself. Let herself open up and give suggestions and advices to her wherever she needs.

  1. Be patient and confident.

Always be confident in front of the girl. Be patient, don’t be in a hurry; listen to her patiently, let her complete first then react. Be a gentlemen, calm men are sorted men.

  1. Sense of humour.

Girls like men who make them laugh and who have a good sense of humour. Sad personalities are generally pessimistic in nature and that won’t help in impressing your girl.

  1. Be honest to her, don’t fake things.

Women like honest men, even if you had a bad past tell it truly and honestly; trust me she won’t freak out. Honesty is generally appreciated by women.

So this was your answer on how to impress a girl. Hope you like our article and don’t forget to leave a comment below.