It is really dependent on personal preference of the women to choose men with beard or clean shaven men. There is nothing wrong in finding men attractive with a beard or even without that. But statistically, it is found that the women generally prefer the men with a beard as the most attractive ones. The specific types of beard depict different traits of a person and lay a different impact on the perceiver.

It has been analyzed that women have rated men always higher in preference who have a beard and moreover men equally relish their appearance with a full beard. The facial hairs also portray the man’s masculinity, the man’s masculinity enhances with the amount of facial hairs he has. Even it has been noticed that the men with beard look hot and handsome too, this attractiveness increases in the eyes of the partner and is rather a fine way to heighten the sex drive.

Women have always been stressing their preference towards the men with facial hairs and they find them more appealing and it the beards which make the men look more attractive. Women get fascinated towards the men who are kind and helpful so it’s their perception that men with a beard can make them feel safe and secure. Beard plays an important role in depicting a man’s age, social status, maturity state, sex appeal and dominance.

Women have perceived the opinion that the men with beard are socially responsible and have a good fathering ability that’s also indicative of the fact that they can depend on him for their future relationship goals in a better way. Beard has always been considered as a prestige and sanctity which makes the women feel the same pride while being with him.

There is a certain air of adulthood around the man with a beard and this captures the women attention towards this man. Beard is a perfect complement to those women who look for a matureand worldlier guy. The ability to manage the beard shows that how wiser he is to take the attributes of his onset of manhood.

Beard is one such trait that makes the men find an interesting person according to the women. It is associated with strength and women get automatically get influenced by the men who has facial hairs. It is an ornament for the men as it enhances their physical appearance and makes them more eye-catchy. Bearded men are generally considered to be genetically superior that proves to be the fittest kick in women.

The mere act of having a beard is not enough to attract women but it has to be well-groomed as a poorly groomed beard can off-ramp most of the women. An appealing beard takes regular maintenance, care and time as it is really required to know the appropriate style which fits best on them. Either the men themselves need to groom or get it professionally done to give a polished appearance. Men with beard also have the other various health benefits like their skin gets protected from UV rays of the sun and thereby protecting them from skin cancer. It also helps them in looking healthier and youthful.