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benefits of having sex

Sex is not just for getting close to your partner or for pleasure. But it has many health and beauty benefits. Sex is a taboo in many countries while some countries consider sex as cool. Sex should not be seen as an offensive act. Developed countries have the views of sex changing the in the society instinctively. Some of the benefits of having sex

Control your stress
Sex is a great stress buster. It is a good medicine for controlling stress. Sex creates a balance between your mental and emotional health. After having sex the brain in our body start releasing endorphins that decrease or controls stress. It includes euphoria in individual. While on the other hand, not having sex can create mental tension as some physical need is not satisfied, it is believed by experts and psychologists that lack of sex can have men have emotional tension and can lead to disasters in some worst scenarios.

Improves our sleep                    
If you are not getting sleep properly or you are suffering from insomnia, then you should have sex before you go to bed. It helps to make our sleep more comfortable and better. Yes, it is true having sex is like a exercise which tires you up to a certain extent and thus will make you fall asleep easily.

Boosting the immune system
Having regular sex helps to boost our immune system of our body and also produce chemicals to fight from virus. A research has revealed, having regular sex make high level of antibodies in our body which help us to protect us from various type of diseases. So, guys have sex even in the older days of your life as it boosts your immune system and I bet you are going to need it in the last days of your life.

Help to balance our hormone level
If you are having a problem in menstrual cycle then make or increase love with your partner, this can help you to maintain or regulate your menstrual cycle and also help to decrease your cramps. Having sex can balance your hormonal level in your body.

Makes a healthy heart
According to the recent study and research that a person who have sex twice or more in a week have less chance of getting a heart attack as compared to the person who avoid to have sex.

Help to strength our pelvic muscles
Several muscles are involved while having sex so it can help you to build stronger pelvic muscles. Having sex can also help you to strengthen your upper back, core, and your quads. It is for a simple reason because your body does exercise while having sex, and if you do it regularly, you will have stronger muscles.

Make you to look beautiful
Sex is a beauty treatment especially for women because during intercourse the level of oestrogen increase or become almost double in their body which help to make their body more shine and make their hair more silky and shiny.

These were some of benefits of having sex. Hope you like our article, don’t forget to leave your comments and suggestions below.