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Searching for a right life partner is not a easy or simple task. Choosing the right partner for marriage is equal to choosing the career of your life. There are many things to keep in mind while choosing the right life partner like trust factor, understanding each other, communication factor etc, so that you can live a happy married live. As some decent person has said “The types of persons in this world is equal to the number to persons on this earth” which means every person is different than one another so choosing a right life partner can be pretty difficult but here are some of the points that we have studied when we came across  different married couples about how to choose right life partner.

First step: Someone whom you can easily connect.

It is very simple step and important too, to find someone whom you can easily connect. So that you can go to him/her and share your feelings or whatever is there in your mind. Easy connection can help you to enjoy doing things together and talk about them without getting bored so that you can easily settle in each other’s life style.

 Second step: Having some common interest

It would be best and in favour of you, if you select someone having some common interest with you. Remember that it is not necessary that all your interest will be common but make sure that some interest of yours must be same. According to Seema Hingorrany (psychologist and relationship expert) “You must know things that you will love to do with your partner when you think of spending life with your better half.” You should have interests matching with your partner, if you don’t have, try finding one that coincide with your partner’s interests. So that you can enjoy together. And will also make your life interesting.

Third step: Intelligence difference

If your life partner is over achiever than you then it can create problem or lead to threat in your happy married life. So always think about achievements before selecting your life partner, so that you can see eye to eye and can easily communicate. It will also help you instinctively to behave in a similar manner.

Forth step: Standards (if needed)
some times you need to consider your family and your standards. But it is up to you; after all you are going to live your own life. It’s ok to choose your life partner which may or may not belong to your standard but make sure that your life partner must not to be fully out off mark.

Fifth step: Should have respect for each other
This is the main point to keep in mind while choosing a right life partner. Your partner should respect you and your goals, achievements and your personality. No one can spend his/her life with someone who do not respect you and your goals, achievements.

Sixth step: Trustworthiness between the partners

You and your life partner must trust each other. Your life partner should not monitor your usage of computer, phone calls, e-mails etc. He/she should not limit the time you spend with other you care. Your life partner should not control your life. Life partner is the person who shares the life with you. In today’s period it is important to choose person to whom you can trust. You cannot leave a happy married life with the person whom you don’t trust.

Seventh step: Spend time together
If all the six steps is matched or cleared by you then the last step is to spending the time together. You must spend some time together so that you can check that the person is fine for you. After all you have to spend your whole life.

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