You are having small breasts or little boobs? If yes, then be proud of it. It does not mean you will not appreciate your small beautiful breast.

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small boobs and i like it

She is having small little cute boobs and she loves her boobs because, small little boobs come with big benefits.

So here we are giving you 7 reasons to love your small breasts or boobs.

Small boobs = better sex

When it comes to bed life (pleasure), your breast size does not matter. Only the matter is your tissue inside the boobs and the concentration of nerves because the large boobs have an abundance of breast tissue. The glandular tissue are what fire up your erogenous zones, and it it easy to stimulate the tissue on small boobs women because there is few or no fat tissue to get in the way. Research from University of Vienna says that small boobs are 24 % more sensitive than the large boobs J J. Feeling happy??? Naughty…:P :P.

Bonus for you small boobs/ breasts can handle more wiggling and jiggling that means you can try many more positions without feeling sore.

Huge choice of cute bras and bikinis

One of the best huge benefits of having small boobs is that you will have wide range of cute bras and bikinis that means huge fashion choice. Some of cute workouts tops, bikinis and bras do not fit on huge big boobs. It looks cute and good on small boobs.

Check these cute bras and bikinis:

Cute boobs

small cute boobs

tiny boobs

Go braless without any fear of boob sag:

Benefits to love small breasts, benefits of small breasts, benefits of little boobs, women with small breasts, i have small boobs, i have small tiny cute boobs

By seeing above pics you can say bras are pretty to look and awesome to were but what if you are compel or bound to were bra every day well they can bother you some time. Well you are lucky on that case; you can go braless that too without worrying of getting boobs saggy.

A part from above you will have less chance of droopy boobs from those who prefer bra every day. Going braless or allowing your boobs free actually develops the ligament around your breast tissue, so that your body can build a natural support to your boobs by building muscle. But wearing bras stop the development of those muscles because it provides external support to your boobs which don’t allow your body to work on the natural muscle.

Your perky boobs also attract your opposite sex. Yes, because men’s think your are younger than you actually are.

Small Boobs = less body pain

There are many harms of wearing wrong size bra. In this case girls having smaller size boobs are luckier because choosing a correct size well fitted bra is not a big issue for them than the girls having big boobs. According to study conducted by lingerie company name Bravissimo, 80 % women wear wrong size bra. They want their boobs to squeeze into the cup size that are too small from them.

Not to were a proper size of your bra can mess up your body in many ways. It can make your boob sag. It can also cause shoulder, neck and back pain. If your bra size is not corrected for a long time then it can toll on your posture, causing you to slouch and can also get constant headaches. This in turns leads to more serious problems like breathing patterns and digestion too.

Small boobs also lead to less chance of breast cancer:

The best way to beat any diseases is on its early stage. So as on breast cancer, keep on regular check-up and be safe.

Small boob’s girls have less breast tissue than big boobs so they have less chance of breast cancer.

Chance of attracting a high quality man is higher:

Big boobs grab the attention of everyone, but most people don’t know the fact of small boobs. The fact is that they are extra attractive to specific type of men as well. Studies shows that financial secure men are more attracted to women with small boobs.

Shopping is funny for small boobs:

I hope you know the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you spot a dress or top you love and you pray that it fit you. Shopping is always frustrating for women with bigger boobs because they try every dress they like; it fit everywhere but is too stretched out across the chest. You are lucky, you hardly have that problem.

You can go with the new trendy dress such as bandage dress, plunging tops, and many more the list goes on. But for the girls with bigger boobs have the problem of their outfit.

So enjoy girls, and take advantage of your small boobs and be happy.