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Successful Marriage

It is said that love affairs turned relationships that turn into marriages are not successful while arranged marriages are most successful ones. Here I will describe the rules that you must follow so that your marriage can be successful.

  1. You should be the first to say “I am sorry”

Contradictions arise in marriages whether love or arranged and that is a human nature and to survive in these scenarios, always say sorry if you find yourself wrong, don’t be trapped in your ego state.

  1. Encourage each other.

You should always encourage your partner to succeed in difficult times; I think that is what life partners are meant for.

  1. Respect each other. (Give it to get it.)

There should be mutual respect between the partners otherwise the relationship won’t survive. Without respect, there is no love.

  1. Trust each other.

Trust is must, without trust there is no reason to continue. Absence of trust creates misconceptions, and if you got any misconceptions you should clear it and start trusting your partner.

  1. Cherish simple things.

You should love protect and care for your partner and the simple and sweet moments you have with him or her.

  1. Forgive

This single word has a lot of importance for continuance of a successful marriage. You should always forgive your lover so that he respects you more, loves you more in return.

  1. Be in the special moments of your lover.

Always be present in the special moments of your life partner and then see how beautiful the life is.

  1. Listen to your partner.

Most of us are always in a hurry in this world, we do not listen to each other.

Always listen to your partner what he or she has to say, feel what he or she wants you to feel. This is the simplest way to understand each other.

  1. Leave the past to the past.

Don’t always blame your partner for what happened in the past. Let past be past, bad past does nothing better than ruining your present. Live the life to the fullest in the present and crave for a better future,

  1. Know that having arguments are normal

Don’t let ego come between arguments. Always be the first to smoothen your partner whenever there is a fight.

  1. Don’t expect change.

Don’t expect your partners to change. Accept your partners as they are and they will love your like no one in this world.

  1. Bear each other burdens.

Always help your partner when he or she has excess work to do. Divide the burden and then the burden for your partner won’t be a burden anymore.

  1. Never both be angry at same time.

If you are seeing that your partner is angry, calm yourself and try to understand his or her problem.

  1. Never go to sleep with an argument unsettled.

Always settle the arguments you have with your partner so that there is no grievance left in the minds.

  1. Let your spouse to have some time to enjoy his or her hobbies.

If you can’t participate in your partner’s hobbies, let them enjoy alone. Don’t be a hurdle when your partner is enjoying his or her hobbies.

  1. Be honest in your relationships.

Never lie to each other. It is often said that a lie for a good cause isn’t a lie, same holds true also in the relationship.

  1. Vitally important part (SEX)

It is the only thing that you uniquely share only with your life partner. You should do it; it enhances the feelings of love and emotion for each other. Sex encourages deeper and intimate communications that you can only have with your partners.

  1. Go after your dreams with your partner.

Never think of your partner as a hurdle in chasing your dreams, let her be the one for whom you are doing all the efforts and embrace your relationship.

  1. Always try to go to bed together.

It will enhance love in your relation in an effective manner.

  1. Do more for them than they do for you.

Always be thankful that you have the opportunity to do for your life partner.

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  1. Live life together as much as possible.

Don’t be loners; be together, that is what two persons are married for.

  1. Be friends with whom you can share all.

Be such kind you friend that your partner would have never had.

  1. If you have to criticize, do lovingly.

Don’t criticize like enemies.

  1. Complement each other once in a day.

At least once every day try to say one kind or complimentary thing to your life partner. Even if they are away, you can say on a telephone or other communication media.

  1. Admit if you are wrong.

Don’t defend yourself if you know that you are wrong. When you have done something wrong, be ready to admit it and ask for forgiveness.

  1. Be a team.

Handle the complexities of life by being in a team, rather than playing individually for this game called life.

  1. Hug often.

Hug when u feel like, do not hesitate.

  1. Be loyal.

Be loyal and no one can part you.

  1. Don’t forget to laugh.

Have funny moments and enjoy together. Don’t lose your witty side ever in a relationship, it embraces marriages.

  1. Hold hands.

When you face problems, hold hands of each other, you won’t feel helpless ever.

  1. Love the flaws in your partner.

Don’t criticize the flaws but appreciate them that are what makes every individual unique. Love your life partner for who they are.

  1. Talk like best friends.

Always have the bestest communication possible, it will help you in understanding each other and will also teach you how to enjoy life.

  1. Play like kids.

Don’t let the child inside you die. Play like kids with each other or with your kids and enjoy life to the fullest.

  1. Grow old together.

Help each other in the problems you face in the events of life and grow old together.

  1. Have surprises for your partner.

Write love letters and give surprises to each other.

  1. Be passionate for each other.

Don’t let the passion for each other die inside you. Look attractive not for the world but for your partner, it enhances feelings and emotions.

If you try to follow only some points depicted above to revive your relationship with your life partner, you can see the results and your marriage will be a successful marriage. You are welcome to comment if you think any point has been left.